Tuesday, July 18, 2017

WOW, half the year is gone already?

Just can't believe how time flies. Here it is July and I'm at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, night before all the fun starts. It's been a great year. Got out a new novella, ETHIKOS. "When aliens play God, it takes one of their own half-bloods to outwit them at their own games."  Mythology/SciFi Fusion.  Also have a new book in final edits before heading off to my wonderful agent.

As for locations this year, started it with the Glendale Chocolate Affair. Great little local event where we blend chocolate, wine and books together. The perfect trifecta.  Followed that up with Tucson Festival of Books. Thousands of eager readers looking for their favorite authors, and to add new ones to the list. We hit the road for our favorite destination, the Barnes and Noble in Henderson Nevada, where AWWsome authors Gini Koch, Sharon Skinner, and Sean Hoade joined me in a signing of our latest releases, and a bunch of other prior releases.

And let's not forget Phoenix Comicon 2017. It started great, then got derailed by a whack-job, but the organizers, the convention center and the city of Phoenix, jumped to get our favorite train back on track quickly. It might change the face of comicons for years to come, but it was cool to see the ways people improvised with the new 'no weapons' rule. Storm Troopers with long rolls of french bread... the Dark Angel (a real hottie) who instead of a gun, tossed red roses to the ladies... balloon guns, signs, so many other witty substitutes. Proof you can't keep a Cos-Player down.

The Westercon 70 was hosted in Tempe by our local LepreCon group. Many old faces (literally and figuratively) and new blood. Visitors from far away came to partake and we all had some great meals after the slew of panels offered throughout the holiday weekend.

So, tomorrow will properly start the second half of my year of travels, with San Diego Comic-Con. This is where I get to do some Christmas shopping, and scavenging for the fun stuff to put into a prize bag.

That's right, a PRIZE BAG will be offered when this game is up. So keep an eye out for the game that will start when I regain consciousness (somewhere around July 27th)... What will it be?

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